I make funny stuff for kids!


The Hugely-Wugely Spider

As a kid, I was NEVER Itsy-Bitsy. So, I wrote a book about a very large spider who wants to get up the water spout. It deals with issues of exclusion and overcoming bully. Mostly though, it’s real funny.


Pants on Fire

Sit in a recording booth and make funny comments while kids try to figure out which adult is lying to them? That’s a pretty fun thing I do.

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Show and Tell

I love public access TV and I love being silly with kids. So, I decided to host a public access program where I interview kids about objects that are special to them.


What’s That Button Do?

My kids are obsessed with pushing buttons, so I made an iPad app that lets them push all the buttons they want without accidentally setting the microwave on fire.


Revenge of the Calculators!

Lots of calculators calculate stuff, but only my calculator app insults you for needing to use a calculator. This suite of 9 funny calculators will amuse/annoy/amuse your friends.